Pets for Adoption


Do You Know this Little Terrier Mix?

This adorable, small, female terrier mix was found wandering in Old Snowmass around November 4th. Please call with any information.
(Posted 11.14.17)



Cila is an adorable sweet, super friendly 4-year-old Hound mix who came to the shelter with her four pups. She is a great, and patient mom. Cila and her pups will all be available for adoption in a week when the pups are 8 weeks old. .
(Posted 11.14.17)


One of Cila's Adorable Pups

Could this pup be any cuter??? Cila's pups will be available in a week when they are eight weeks old. Several have already been spoken for. Come visit Cila and these pups.
(Posted 11.14.17)



Sun is a really cute,funky-looking, 1.5-year-old Australian Shepherd/Pit Bull mix. She gets along with people and other dogs. Sun must have a responsible household because she is initially wary of strangers, and she can be protective of her food with other dogs. Once you have earned her trust, Sun shines brightly :)
(Posted 11.13.17)



Harriet is a mellow, gentle, black and tan-colored,
5-month-old, female Australian Cattle Dog mix who gets along well with people and other dogs.
(Posted 10.30.17)



Zebedee is a 13-year-old Alaskan Husky. She is a former sled dog who is gentle and sweet. She is great with people and other dogs. She is just looking for a loving, comfortable home for her retirement years. 
(Posted 10.30.17)



Patches is an active, athletic, 6-month-old Pit Bull/Cattle Dog mix. Great with all people.  She was originally aggressive towards other dogs, but through daily socialization, Patches is getting better and better with other dogs every day.
(Posted 8.27.17)


Oscar and Sadie

Ten-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer siblings. They are happy, friendly dogs searching for a comfortable, yet active home. 
(Posted 8.23.17)



Chicken is a gentle, timid,10.5-year-old, retired sled dog who gets along well with other dogs. She is shy with people, and will require love and patience in order to slowly come out of her shell.



Allie is a beautiful, athletic, 7.5-year-old Black Lab/Pitbull mix who is happy, friendly, affectionate and energetic. She is awesome with all people, but she can behave aggressively towards cats and other dogs. Allie will thrive in a knowledgeable, responsible, active home.



Sam is a very cute, strong, energetic, black-and white-colored, 8.5 year-old Pit Bull mix who looks like an oversized Boston Terrier. She is incredibly alert and very smart,  as she learns new commands quickly. She gets along great with all people, including children, but she might be best as an only pet because she is easily excited and very dominant with most dogs, especially females. Sam has, however, developed a relationship with another shelter dog named Diesel (adopted months ago), a large, playful Alaskan Malamute who accepts her overwhelming playful aggression with a grain of salt.